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2021 Mission Impact Report

Through the man to the fam ...

WOW! What a year for this Mission! By God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, the Inferno Mission continues to burn upward and outward like an unquenchable Fire! This impact doesn’t exist on its own - it requires intentional engagement and support. We are so grateful for your sacrificial generosity to blaze a trail for the Lord with us! 

BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT, Inferno was able to … 

  • Host 4 Men’s Forums

  • Sponsor 4 “JOHN17 Fight Club” debates

  • Sponsor 2 “Ladies Night Out” gatherings

  • Launch another COR Group at St Gabriel 

  • Assist/Facilitate 6 Inferno COR Groups and Partnered to Promote 9 other men’s small groups to sharpen each other (Prov 27:17)

  • Sponsor 5 “Cor Community” prayer + praise family gatherings

  • Assemble our first “Marriage Forum” 

  • Enable 2 “Bros N Brews” and multiple “JOHN17 Coffee” gatherings

  • Set up 2 Paintball battles at the Lynch Forest

  • Pray at weekly Inferno Holy Hours

  • Form the Upper Room (leadership formation + meetings) with 6 “FIRE” sessions to encourage the engaged leaders and call deeper on Christ’s Mission

  • Sponsor 4 Pizza Sundays, Book Club, Lumberjack Day, Inferno 14er Hike, BBQ, Bonfires, Meet-ups, Mixers, Pints, Coffee & I almost forgot … Poker Night! 

  • Hosted Successful Events that cultivate environments of encounter: 

    • Inferno Family Christmas Party 

    • VDay Date Night with Fr Nate

    • United for LIFE Worship Night with Save the Storks (300+ attended)

    • Spoil Her Royal (comedy, dancing & men serving their wife)

    • Summit Mass on Mt Herman with Fr Jim Baron

The 2021 Inferno Men’s Conference saw record numbers in terms of sponsors, keynotes, impact and attendance with over 400 men getting fired up and encouraged. We are currently producing an overview and "hype" video summary of this transformative day! IMC22 will shine even brighter - Come Holy Spirit!


Inferno has opened wide the doors to ASCETICAL Discipline this year with: adding a 4th pillar to our annual Pledge (20+ of our leaders committed to prayer, friendship, evangelization & asceticism)! We also did a physical challenge leading up to the IMC and are doing an Exodus 90 Info Session and Kickoff Party (Jan 14th)! 


2021 saw 4 powerful Retreats: Bishop Sheridan helped us champion our first “St Joseph Half Day Retreat” that impacted 130+ men on March 20th (St. Joseph Feast Weekend) outdoors at Ponderosa Retreat Center. Our “Life in the Spirit” Retreat was for couples - we were able to provide free food and childcare (join us in 2022!). Our "Advisory Team" had an overnight retreat in February to craft the mission statement and vision. The Inferno "Upper Room" played soccer, cut down a massive tree, grilled, camped and had an epic bondfire to highlight our MANventure this year! We are planning a large overnight retreat in 2022 (TBD)!


We believe we have the greatest news of all time and we want to serve it up with excellence! Your generous support has allowed us to launch a top notch Website, Overview Video (see below), Improved Logo, Professional Marketing, Messaging and Awareness! There is more to come in this space as we have been furnishing some amazing content, investing in design and preparing to launch a brief video series in 2022! 


A big investment Inferno made in March of 2021 was for a part-time Executive Director who is passionate and dedicated to the mission. This investment has added fuel to the fire, accelerated the mission and paid dividends as Luke is able to dedicate significant professional hours intentionally towards the mission (that is steered by our experienced Board of Directors). This has also helped to guide the countless volunteer hours we've been blessed with from our leadership as well!


Because of the generous support of our Amazing Sponsors, a matching grant and skin in the game from donors, this mission has been growing, is sustainable and has giant expectations for 2022 and beyond! Thank YOU for joining us on this heroic mission!


Battle Better with Brotherhood

Combat & Impact 

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