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2022 Mission Impact Report

Battle to Sainthood together ...

Dear Inferno Investors,

What a year this has been for the mission!!! By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, the Inferno Mission continues to fan like an unquenchable fire up and out! Because of your prayers and financial involvement, we have intentionally and passionately pursued the Great Commission to “Make Disciples of All Nations” and made a massive impact on this community! The impressive growth of this Apostolate of Friendship is hard to measure, but we can confidently say there was over 50% growth in CORs and Events in 2022! All Glory be to God! Jesus remains the focus of this mission and the foundation remains: Prayer, Friendship and Evangelization! You are a major part of this advancement and we can’t thank you enough! Please read through some highlights of what your investment in this mission goes towards:



Conferences and Forums

  • Men’s Forum at St. Thomas More (Centennial, CO) with Chris Stefanick and 300 men! This initiative has helped to launch a “Men’s Leadership Summit” (Luke and Fr Nate are part of) for March 4th, 2023

  • We invested in this video to help share the “Men’s Forum” vision: 

  • Men’s Forum at St. Paul (southwest COS) - Fr Chance Billmeyer keynote and Ryan Englehardt new COR launch! 100+ men inspired

  • Men’s Forum at St. Mark (Highlands Ranch) - Fr Nathan Cromly keynote - 85+ men encouraged and impacted at event in new demographic

  • JOHN17 Fight Club had 2 big Fights seeing 110+ men at the “Miracles” debate and Eric Kniffin brilliantly present on the Saints (Inferno Sponsored Events)

  • JOHN17 Brews N Brews - Interdenominational Fellowship 

  • Holy Hold’em - Poker with Purpose was launched and blessed “Mater Filius” with over $800 of winnings and awareness (Inferno Sponsored Event)

  • Pub, Poker, Top Golf, Game & Bowling Nights lead by COR leaders and sponsored by Inferno throughout the year!

  • Men’s Forum at Holy Apostles - “The Talk” with Fr Jim Baron - 115+ packed the house!

  • Inferno Men’s Conference 2022 at Antlers (Nov 5th) with Bishop James Golka, Dr. Michael Barber, Deacon Harold Sievers and Chris Stefanick saw a 50% increase from 2021 and 600+ men inspired by a day of Mass, Adoration, Confession, Small Groups, Breakouts, Fellowship and Keynotes! IMC23 is well underway!

    • Your support helped us Scholarship 75 free teenage sons and 150 discounted tickets for the event!















COR Groups and Power Teams

  • 6 new COR Groups were launched in 2022!!! This is MASSIVE and even more impressive than the Men’s Conference success! Our investment in a full-time missionary is reaping significant fruits! 

  • We invested in a quality COR Video to share the vision well:

  • Young Catholic Gentlemen (group of teens sharpening each other - Iron sharpens Iron -  for the battle) launched in Elizabeth along with another in the works!

  • Alex Cedillo (Inferno leader) has worked with Sr Linda to lead the “Giovani Project” helping young men with their discernment journey (Inferno Sponsored)

  • We launched our First Season of the Blog and Video Series with 8 episodes this year! 

  • Established and defined Power Teams were created, strengthened and directed: Financial Impact Team - evaluate and maximize our financial impact towards mission; Prayer Team - daily prayer, adoration, commitments; Creative Team - deliver beauty and help market the mission (Inferno SWAG was launched this year too - get yours!); Visionaries - Invest in the mission and direct the initiatives; Victory for Life - invest Inferno Manpower with Sidewalk Advocates to eliminate COS Planned Parenthood; Laborers - daily labor in the harvest and meet weekly; Apologetics Team - small group defending truth and orthodoxy … more to come! 




Upper Room & Pledge

  • 5 “Upper Room FIRE” (Inferno engaged leaders of the movement) prayer & vision gatherings along with IMC22 support/planning time

  • Visionary Advance - Inferno Visionaries gathered for an overnight retreat in February to pray over the future of this mission 

  • MANventure - Fellowship, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Vision Casting, Pig Roast & Invitation to Fan the Fire with our Leadership

  • Verso l'Alto Men’s Retreat - hike a 14er, prayer, food, fellowship and campout

  • 30 Inferno Men committed to Exodus 90 and 25 did the Band of Brothers Pledge of Prayer, Friendship, Evangelization and Discipline

  • “Upper Room North” was launched with leaders from the northern areas (around Castle Rock) of the diocese! These men, with help from our leaders, will slowly implement the best practices and initiatives from our Colorado Springs leaders.

  • Josh (Inferno Missionary) led 22 Catholic men from Elizabeth on retreat 

  • Inferno Men’s Retreat and Right of Passage for sons are being developed for 2023 launch




COR Community Gatherings & Adventures

  • Night of the True Presence with The Vigil Project, Awaken Catholic Worship and Bishop Golka - powerful night of praise, worship, inspiration and adoration at Holy Apostles!

  • Divine Mercy Sundaes and Easter Egg Hunt with families (200+ humans) on Divine Mercy Sunday!

  • Inferno Family Potluck/Picnic at Fox Run Park on Pentecost Weekend!

  • Fr Stu Inferno Movie Night

  • Lost Island Family Adventure with pizza, prayer and fun! 

  • VDay Date Night at the Pinery sold out and was inspiring/impactful again!

  • Ladies Night Out was a success again this year!

  • Summit Mass atop Mt Herman  55+ men on Pentecost weekend!

  • Stations of the Cross up the Manitou Incline (Friday in Lent)

  • Victory for LIFE Vigil Mass and Social at Holy Apostles (celebrating Roe Reversal and launching Victory for Life power team)

  • Sponsored Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner (even got stage time and shout outs)!

  • First Ever Father / Son Excursion: Rafting, Climbing, Rappelling, Hiking, Archery, Camping & More! Food, Drink and Sacraments provided! 

  • Father/Son Paintball at Lynch Forest 

  • Father/Daughter Rock Climbing at Gripstone with food and fellowship

  • Marriage Forum at St Gabriel with Dinner, Comedy, Dancing, Pro Photos, Drinks 

  • St Gabriel and Corpus Christi - Spiritual Warfare talks that inspired 400+

  • Inferno 3rd annual Christmas & New Year Party 


OUR MOST SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT to date came to fruition when our Visionaries & Board of Directors were inspired to take a leap of faith and bring on a full-time Missionary dedicated daily to expanding the mission! Josh Burdick has taken up this call and brings his seminary degree (converted to Catholicism 7 years ago), Masters in Communications and 15 years of ministry experience to maximize this role! Josh has been strengthening and launching CORs, Supporting Luke (Inferno Executive Director) and Events, Discipling men, and leading other initiatives (especially focused on Father/Son initiatives). 


Fr Chance Billmeyer also stepped up in a major way for the mission and was appointed by the Inferno BOD and Bishop Golka as the Chaplain for Inferno! Fr Chance has already been supporting Inferno SO MUCH and expands the mission significantly with his passion, experience and talent! Fr is already spiritually directing over a dozen Inferno leaders! While Inferno is a lay-led movement, Fr Chance as chaplain brings Sacramental strength, Clerical Leadership, and a strong official relationship with the diocese to support our mission.


Fr. Nathan Cromly continues to be a large part of the Inferno Mission and is involved with many important and strategic growth initiatives for Inferno’s evangelization efforts. His involvement and passion can be seen throughout Inferno’s northern expansion, COR gatherings and adventure offerings.


While this has been a powerful and impactful year, there is still much more to come! In the coming weeks we have our first “COR Bootcamp”, Inferno Pledge, Father/Daughter Dance, VDay Date Night with Fr Nate and Men’s Forum with Jesse Romero! We made huge strides in COR Community Gatherings in 2022 which we will add to going forward. Along with all the proven events/gatherings, we plan to add a powerful Men’s Retreat as well as a “Right of Passage” in 2023!


The Man is the Mission and despite all this growth and success, our focus remains on the man and his journey towards the heart of Christ (if we can strengthen the man, we can strengthen the family). The massive numbers at the Men’s Conference was inspiring, but I was most encouraged by the feedback from my COR group of guys; 2 bros shared that they are now going through RCIA, one bro went to confession for the first time in 25 years, and 3 other men (just in my COR) strengthened old friendships at the event! Lives are being transformed! Even bros who were involved in Inferno and had to move are bringing the mission with them to places such as FL, WI, IL, TX, KS and CA! There are SO many stories of impact to share and not enough space in this letter … 


We couldn’t do any of this without your prayers and financial participation! God is on the move building up a powerful local movement of the Holy Spirit and I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this (for my wife, family, bros, church and city - what an honor)! Let’s keep the fire burning bright! All for HIS glory - in the Mighty Name of Jesus! 


Abundant Blessings

Viva Cristo Rey

Luke, Josh, Fr Chance, BOD & Inferno Tribe

“I have come to set the world on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” - Jesus


Mission: Ignite a culture of Evangelization that Empowers Men to Lead in the Battle to Sainthood


Vision: Restore the Man; 

Reclaim the Family; 

Renew the Church; 

Revive the Culture


Tactics: Prayer; Friendship; 

Evangelization & Discipline


Method: the Forge (see above & right) 

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 2.13.22 PM.png

Battle Better with Brotherhood

Combat & Impact 

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