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BAD VIBES - Storks Cancelled

Pro Baseball team strikes out by cancelling "Family Night" sponsors hours before the first pitch!

August 26th, 2022

TODAY I was looking forward to picking up my son from school, taking him over to the UCHealth Park, setting up for the game and throwing out the first pitch in front of many fans, friends and family. Instead, I had to tell him that the Vibes pulled our sponsorship a couple hours ago and that we aren't welcome there. Augustine (7th grade) was not only devastated, but confused ... "why doesn't the baseball team want to help moms?" he questioned. It was not easy to explain ...

At 10:35am this morning, I got an "Urgent" text from my CEO and Director of Development saying, "we need to get on a call right now!" JD informed us of his call with our Vibes point of contact and the ensuing email stating how the Vibes have decided to cancel our sponsorship and participation in the "Family Night" game (scheduled for 6:30pm)! After months of planning, a concert established, promotions tripling their average sales, flights flown, hotels booked, time invested and money spent, TODAY? NOW? you tell us this??? Their wishy-washy excuses about our ministry not being in-line with their mission was laughable; but the conversations JD shared with us were clear - in this conservative, Christian, City on a Hill, the Vibes chose to cater to the noisy few and oppose two ministries (Save the Storks and Pike's Peak Citizens for Life) that value life and promote life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

Will this woke move leave the Vibes broke? Time will tell ... My encouragement is for a vibrant, passionate, Pro-Life City to make some noise and let our voices be heard over this! We will not remain on the sidelines and be silent while innocent, defenseless, voiceless, vulnerable moms and babies are being abused (James 1:27)! I believe that this spark will lead to a fire in this city ... hopefully an unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit (INFERNO) that blazes upward and outward (Luke 12:49)! Come Lord Jesus, enkindle in us the fire of your love that our light may shine brightly to bring You glory! In his Mighty name we roar, AMEN!

Instead of honoring women, children and families, the Vibes glorify "La Llorona", or the "Weeping Woman" who drowned her children and haunts the night (according to Hispanic Folk Legend). The enemy will not stop in pursuit of destroying families and LIFE - even in our backyard! We must ACT!

FYI ... Some press have decided to pick up this story and you can view more here:

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