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"The Harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few ... GO! I am sending you like sheep amongst wolves!" - Luke 10

COR Values

Humility: One broken beggar leading another broken beggar to the Bread of Life – Shoulder to Shoulder


Radical Hospitality: High-quality, seeing from others’ perspectives, welcoming


Personal: Favor personal interactions over impersonal and broadcast communication


Accompaniment: Shoulder-to-shoulder journey to being saints


Openness: Open to new friendships, breaking out of cliques


Courage: Staying out of the comfort zone and doing “hard things”


Empathy: Identifying with others and sincerely caring for their point-of-view & well-being


Confidentiality: We aren’t in the business of keeping secrets, but everything shared in confidence is that man’s business to share or to not share with others

Vision: Strengthen the Man - Family - Church - Culture of Evangelization

COR Beliefs

We Believe that the God of the universe chose to transform the world by living faithfully at home for 90% of His life, pouring Himself into a small group of men and dying as a criminal. He went camping with 12 dudes for 3 years ... and it worked!


We Believe that we can no longer stay silent, do nothing and be content losing (Rom 1:16)!


We Believe the culture will be converted in the confessional booth, not the election booth (Jesus lost the only election He participated in; vs Barabas – a nameless criminal)! "Repent and Believe!" - Mark 1:15


We Believe that Friendship is the arena for Evangelization & you don’t get extra credit or bonus points for Evangelization (it is central to the Gospel)!


We Believe that the Primary Role of the Church is to Evangelize (Pope Paul IV)


We Believe that we were born for greatness, are forged in the fire, strengthened by brotherhood and ignited on mission for the Kingdom! 

Our Statement of Faith is the Apostles’ Creed

Values + Beliefs

We are not another Program.
We are not lonely men seeking to fill our calendar (we are men striving after Jesus - better together).
We are not an "events ministry"! Any gathering is to enrich marriage, family and faith life (not taking away from). 


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