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Building a Cancel-proof Community

Common Purpose, United Mission - Culture of Evangelization. Together we are building a "cancel-proof" network of families and businesses.  

In June of 1979, Pope JP II visited Poland and inspired the Solidarity movement! This independent, self-governing, anti-authoritarian, social movement, created the civil resistance to bring down the oppressive Government and Communism. As we observe the downward spiral and cultural climate in the US (and CO), it is important that a remnant of leaders rise up to prepare for the storm. You will find some of these Leaders Below. Please support their efforts: 



Common Vision; Come together at the Altar of our Lord - Unity in Community

Agape Catholic Ministries

Christian Meert 


Animal Dental Care & Oral Surgery

Dr. Patrick Vall

(719) 536-9949


Cody Stowe


David Theis, D.O, P.C.

David Theis


Fiat Family Fest

(719) 258-7845 

Joyfully Catholic

Sean Vostatek

(719) 258-7845

Emmaus Journey

Mike Dill



Erickson, Brown & Kloster, P.C.


George Orthodontics

Mark George



Zac Crippen

H.M. Brown & Associates

Automobile Sales & Leasing

Trent Denman


Jan Pro

Bob Posch


Tim Hardesty

Maaco America's Bodyshop

The Ambuul Family

Dan & Joe Ambuul


Knights of Columbus

Andy Wheaton

RE/MAX Real Estate


Justin and Chris Watson

Mountain Country Claims Solutions


Trevor Karas

Monument Dental Arts

Tony George

(719) 488-8880


Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance

Dan Donaldson

Neuro Athlete

Dr. Grove Higgins

Obrien's Carpet One

John Hughes


Packaging Express

Matt Davis

Peak Framing

Carlos Aguirre

Rhodesco Printing

Joe Rangel 

Road To Purity

Sexual Integrity Program

Dann Aungst 

St. Joseph Plumbing

Jesse Lynch 

(719) 421-8007

Simply Kids Dental

(719) 598 -KIDS (5437)

Vostatek Family


Save The Storks

Superhero Sidekick

Joe Baker

Thomas Peter Designs

Tom Neppl

Treeline Roofing 

(303) 437 -3648

Jeremy Ingrham

Victory For Life

Inferno Man-power with Sidewalk Advocates

Bill Slack

Whole Health Chiropractic

Ryan Englehardt

(719) 301 -7450

Please let us know of any companies who are courageously living out this mission that we can connect with and support. We also have a "GroupMe" chat with referrals and recommendations. Please contact for more. Be a witness!


Ultimately, we seek to build up a vibrant and strong Christian Community by empowering and discipling men with encouragement and accountability (sharpening each other). We want this brotherhood to produce better husbands, fathers, leaders, men ... SAINTS!

NOW is the time "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers."

- Malachi 4:6 & Luke 1:17

Inferno Leadership


Become consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit!

You Were Born to Burn for Him.

"We are God’s craftsmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." - Ephesians 2:10 We were not designed to be sitting on the bench or on the sidelines. We have to combat the culture that would have us sedentary, and become incendiary saints embattled in the fight with our Savior

Battle to Sainthood

Be Strong & Courageous 

If you are looking for a community with no judgment, that will pour into your life, encourage you and build you up, let's connect!

In addition to our dedicated leadership (above), Inferno is blessed with a Visionary Team (investors guiding the mission), Financial Impact Team (maximizing the Impact), Upper Room (leaders of men) and Prayer Team (daily praying for the men, families and mission). Please Contact Us with any questions and/or Prayer Requests.

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