Inferno is a men's ministry in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. It is a mission of evangelization for men. The name Inferno refers to the unquenchable fire of The Holy Spirit that grows and spreads in the form of love, passion, and fearless dedication to God. The men on the Inferno Team have been called to unite our missions as men to stoke these flames and help set Colorado Springs on fire for Jesus Christ!

"I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!" -Luke 12:49

Inferno organizes low-pressure social events where men can plug in and get to know Jesus Christ through the faith community of Colorado Springs. From there, we encourage men to start or get involved in groups at their church to build spiritual depth and accountability.

Our central mission is to challenge men to build
a deep interior life by committing to daily prayer,
an apostolate of friendship through strong one-on-one friendships rooted in Jesus Christ, and
evangelization by invitation by attending Christ-centered events and inviting other men to join.


1. Pray 30 minutes every day

2. Meet 3 men 1-on-1 for conversation every month

3. Invite 3 men to a Christian event every month

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